ACS Acupressure Stimulator – Deluxe 979


  • The Stimulator Electro Impulse (E.I.) Can Used Both As Tns And Trigger Points Stimulation
  • The Points Shown For Treatment Are Acu Points, Which Are Also Suitable For T.N.S
  • Trigger And Ear Points Stimulation.


The T.N.S. (Transcutaneous Nerve Stimulator) is a marvelous and efficient medical treatment, which has been popularised all over the world for many years and is widely prevailed to day, with amazing success by reputed physicians all over the world. The Stimulator Electro impulse (E.I.) can used both as TNS and Trigger Points stimulation. The points shown for treatment are ACU points, which are also suitable for T.N.S., Trigger and Ear Points stimulation.

When ACU needles are inserted these points, Needles are connected to the machines with the ACU stimulator cord provided but over these points when electrodes covered with gel, taped and then attached to the machine and stimulated, they will work properly as Transcutaneous Nerve Stimulator (Special cord provided for Trigger Points stimulation).

The Points shown for TNS treatment are collected from various text books of pain and from are authentic ACU texts.

These are grouped as per author long practical experience. Some times these may require a change of points due to various factors of resistance etc, the user may then consult various text books on the subject.



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