Digital Weight Machine With Step-On technology And LCD Display


  • Elegant Look Suits Your Drawing Room Bathroom Bedroom Kitchen Multi Utility Item BATTERY INCLUDED
  • Step N Read Immediate Readings, As Soon As You Step On The Digital Weigh Scale, Always Place The Weigh Scale On A Flat Surface For Accuracy
  • Heavy Duty Toughened Glass Weighing Scale
  • Sensory Multi function Weigh Scale Auto Power Off Auto Zero Low Battery And Overload Indication On Display
  • Always Go For Original Products , Please Read Instruction Booklet Provided With The Scale Carefully Before Using.


BATTERY Included With The Package

1) Standing Weight :- 7Kgs
2) Graduation :- 0.1Kg/0.2lb
3) Display :- 4Digits LCD
4) Power :- 3V CR2032 Lithium Battery (Included)
5) Automatic Shutdown :- 8 Seconds
6) Low Voltage Display :- “Lo”
7) Error Display :- “Err”
8) Overweight Display :- “O-Ld”
9) Open The Battery Cover Below The Scale, Turn The Switch To Unit You Need, Left Or Right To Measure The Weight And Middle To Cut off
10) Put The Scale On The Level Of The Ground, After The Scale The Scale Shows 0.0 , You Can Step On The Scale
11) Stand Steady On The Middle Of The Scale, When The Weight Value Is Stable, The Weight Value Is Locked

You need not bother squinting at analog scales to calculate your weight. This digital scale gives you readout on the 27 mm by 60 mm display screen

Stylish & Functional Weighing Scale The glass scale is constructed with 6mm toughened glass that will bear your weight with zero risk of cracking or breaking.

The glass is rust-proof and you can clean the scale by simply wiping it with a soft cloth.

The scale stands 4 cm from the ground and can be stored under the bed, in the bathroom or, in a shelf without occupying a lot of space.

Simply hop on and the device will start and automatically display your weight.

The auto power off function prevents the battery from getting drained when the device is not in use.

The auto zero-reading feature brings the scale back to zero, which can be very convenient when the device is being used by all the members of your family.

The scale has a minimum capacity of 7 kgs and a maximum capacity of 180 kgs.

The weight is calculated in seconds and displayed on the screen.

Product May Vary A Little From The Images N Color Of Free Gift Changes According To Availability





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