Gvs Oxygen Fingertip Pulse Oximeter With Heart Rate Monitor

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  • .Display Type: Lcd Display
  • Batteries Not Included
  • Newly Designed Monitor Gives Instant Readings Of Blood Oxygen Saturation.


Description Description Pulse oximeter ia an important and common device to check oxygen saturation(Spo2)and pulse’s a small,compact,simple,reliable and durable physiological monitoring device.

Intended Use The pulse oximeter is reuse device and intended use for spot checking of the pulse oxygen saturation and pulse rate for adult in clinic environment.

This medical device can be reused.Not for continuously monitoring .

Technical Specifications:

1. Display type: LCD display

2. SPO2 : Measurement range:35~100% Accuracy: +/- 2% on the stage of 70%~99%

3.Pulse Rate: Measurement Range :25~250bpm Accuracy:±2bpm

4. Power : Two AAA 1.5 v alkaline batteries.

5. Power consumption : Below 50 mA

6. Dimensions : 58 mm x 34 mm x 30 mm

Operating Instructions: 1. Install two AAA batteries into the battery cassette before covering its cover.

2. Plug one finger into rubber hole of the oximeter ( It is best to plug the finger thoroughly) .

3. Press the button on the front panel

4. Do not tremble your finger when the oximeter is working. Your body is not recommended on a moving stage.

5. Press the button on the front panel , if we want to change the display direction.

6. Read relevant datum from display screen.

7. Replace new batteries when LED indicates the batteries are in low power.


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