Healthgenie HD-93 Digital Weighing Scale

950.00 800.00

  • Step on instant Read – The scale shows immediate reading as soon as stepped on the scale. Measurement range ( 2kg- 180kg)
  • Auto On/Off Function – Auto on/off function helps to save battery. After stepping out, the scale will show reading for 5 seconds and then turns off automatically
  • Auto Calibration – Healthgenie weighing scale comes with Auto-Calibration function. For initial use or if the scale is moved from its place , please step on the scale to initialize and step off. The scale is now calibrated and ready to use.


  • Light Blue LCD Backlight with black font for easy readings
  • Safety & Comfort – The glass is designed to be skid resistant. 6mm thick tempered glass provides extra sturdiness and strength to avoid breakage.
  • Max & Min Capacity – Maximum capacity of scale is 180 kg and minimum capacity is 2 kg
  • Low Battery Indicator – The scale will show “LO” icon on display screen when the battery is low
  • Warranty – 12 months off- site warranty.

Product description

Healthgenie digital weighing scale is an ergonomically designed personal weighing scale.

It is beautifully designed with tempered glass and has inspirational quote / design printed on its platform which inspires users to work out and maintain healthy weight.

Our weighing scale has a platform size of 30 x 30 x 2. 5 cm which provides a perfect foot space for users.

It comes with CR2023 Li-ion battery. It has a LCD display of size 7.5 x 3 cm powered with white back light which helps the users to see the measurement results easily.

Healthgenie digital weighing scales comes with 6 mm tempered glass platform and its glass platform is designed to bear user weight upto 180kg.

The scale has auto on/of function the scale gets ON once the user steps on it and turns OFF in 10 sec once the user gets off the platform, thus saves battery life.

Healthgenie digital weighing scale features sense on technology, users doesn’t have to tap the scale to turn it on.

The scale gives accurate readings with its 4 G-Sensors helping user to track the progress of their weight. The scale has 4 rubber feet, reason for its anti skid design.

It also has overload indicator & low battery indicator which indicates the users that battery needs to be replaced.

The weighing scale displays the result in Kg and has a graduation of 100gm.




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