Indeals HiFi Earphone Wired Headset Monitoring Ear Headphones


  • All three frequency bands are balanced. Treble is smooth, medium are not crowded and down is not booming. Supplied with tuning nozzles, allowed users to tune the sound to your desire. Shining silver surface, simple and textured.
  • Innovative T-shaped pole piece driver unit:In traditional driver inside is not closely linked, causing the sound to be less consistent bright andd. The built in Magent causes the diaphragm driver sag down over time, the sound deterioration.The new Driver Unit Effectively eliminates the negative pressure on the driver, providing clear, Soft touch sound and better extension vocals.


  • New vibrating diaphragm Pek:The diaphragm and vocal cords headphones, plays a decisive role in sound quality. Choose High end diaphragm Pek. Compared with ordinary PET diaphragm, diaphragm Pek is lighter and thinner, faster frequency vibration. With extremely sensitive and rapid response force, shows a more pure vocals, dynamic bass texured.
  • Musical acoustic level metal box Instruments:Many musical instruments are made of copper. Copper has high rigidity, and may further reduce the sound degradation. Increase the resonance effect, the tone is clear and bright, reproduce the full FRESH and extremely dynamic sound.
  • Super Bowl increased average sound effect:Innovative design nozzles that end as bowl. Improves mids crowded ‘disadvantages of the traditional sound chamber, improving the width of sound frequency range. Average are more natural and consistent.

Style: intra headset

Connectors: 3.5mm

Packing: yes

Use: cell phone

Communication: Wired

Model Number: ED4 Headphone

Frequency Response: 7-46200Hz

Sensitivity: 108dB

Input Impedance: 18Ω

Driver Unit: T shaped unit driver

Driver Type: Moving coil

Material: metal

Cord Length: 120 cm / 3.9 ft

Color: Silver

Weight: 22g / 0.77oz

Note:Without a microphone

Package Includes:

1x KZ-ED4 Subwoofer HIFI Earphone Headset Monitoring Ear Headphones(with package)



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