NISUN 3.5mm Jack Headphone Mic Audio Y Splitter Cable 1 Male to 2 Female with Separate Headset/Microphone Adapter – 30cm- Grey


  • Headset splitter Y cable separates one 3.5mm 1 position male and two 3.5mm (TRRS) female connectors.
  • The aux splitter Y cord allows you to share music with your family or friends through headphones from the same source.
  • With the two-way mic audio earphone splitter, you can listen to game audio and voice chat through the headset.
  • Input: 3.5mm 4-pin Male x1
  • Output: 3.5mm 4-pin Female x2
  • Supports TRRS Microphone
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Brand: NISUN

Length: 30cm

Product Type: 3.5mm male to 2 female splitter Y Cable

Condition: New

  • Length: 30 cm. Headset adapter for headsets with separate headphone and microphone plugs / 3.5mm. Connect an external microphone and powered speakers to the audio port on your laptop.
  • Turns a 3.5mm audio output port into two distinct ports: one headphone port and one microphone port, you can connect your headsets (audio & microphone) to PS4, tablets, laptops or smartphones with 3.5mm 3-pole plug.
  • Note: Allows the use of older audio accessories with newer laptops, tablets and smartphones having one 3.5mm jack port.
  • Note: While using this headphone splitter with PC applications; make sure that you have selected Microphone and Headphones options in Audio settings of the application.
  • Note: This Splitter cannot be used for any kind of recording purpose. Mic port is just For Voice outgoing.
  • Turning a single for Pole 3.5 mm audio headset port into two female port with mic function.
  • Allow you to connect an external headphone or two earphones to your tablet, listen to music and voice chat through headset jack.
  • Audio Lossless Transmission – Providing stereo clean sound quality.
  • Gold plated connector terminals resist corrosion and ensure optimum sound quality.
  • Compact, yet robust design for maximum portability.
  • Headphone Jack (3.5mm) A small round connector for accepting the pin-shaped plug from a standard pair of music headphones.
  • Excellent Workmanship: This 3.5mm audio splitter cable is equipped with premium metal housing, the plugs are durable enough
  • High-quality Soft TPE gives incredible tensile strength.
  • Gold Plated Connectors: Corrosion resistant gold-plated 3.5mm connectors ensure unbeatable sound and durability, offer a supreme audio experience thanks to gold’s naturally superior conductivity.
  • Universal Compatibility: Headphone Y Splitter cable works seamlessly with any devices that uses 4 pole 3.5mm jack, like , Smartphone, tablet, computer, MP3 player etc.
  • The Ultimate Audio Solution: Headphone Splitter adapter converts a single 3.5mm stereo jack to two 3.5 mm stereo jacks. Y type design, share two audios at the same time. It is a great solution to share cool music, movies and games with your families and friends.


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