RECOSYS Innovative Modular Remote Switch for Light and Fan with Sleep Mode and Timer


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  • With 2 outputs- . Fan up to 100w with 8 step speed regulation(Electronic Regulator)
  • Single light up to 100 watts
  • Timer-1 to 9 hour timer to switch on or off the fan (in step of 1Hour).


New model at3m with 3 output launched under listing asin: b07cjbzftv note:- it has electronic regulator for speed control,which has inherent property of producing some humming sound on some fans and not on all. So plz check your fan first with electronic regulator.

(Hum-less model with same feature is available in other listing) features:- with 2 outputs :

1.- fan up to 100w with 8 step speed regulation – 2.single light up to 100 watts.

– one digit seven segment digital display to display status of speed,timer,sleep mode,light.

-display can be made off if not required, – timer-1 to 9 hour timer to switch on or off the fan (in step of 1Hour).

-sleep mode-when activated fan speed decreases by one step every hour till it reaches one..

-runs on inverter too. -works between 180v to 260v ac input.

-remote range is greater than 40ft., and it works even from the reflected ir signals from the walls, so it sometimes gives the feeling of rf switch.

-modular and screw type fitting available. Timer ; sleep mode – helps to sleep at your comfort, without waking-up in midnight or early morning and controlling the fan speed when temperature decreases or ac stops.

Timer also helps to automate the fan on process when air-condition stops. Multiple RECOSYS switchs – can used on single board or in a room on different boards and can be controlled by single remote.

Fan/light 3 output on yellow wire of RECOSYS switchs – can be configured as dimmer for fan or as toggle for light according to your requirement, and timer is availble for toggle output.

Learning features – allows these switches to be controlled by users tv, dvd or other ir remotes in addition. Have non-volatile memory -it remembers the last state before power fail.

It start with same state when power resumes (Can be override if req.) easy installation – can be installed even in the existing board.




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