Redragon Gainer M610 Wired USB Gaming Mouse (Black)

1,290.00 1,090.00

  • 6 buttons
  • 4 DPI adjustable: 1000/1600/2400/3200
  • 10G Acceleration
  • 125HZ polling rate
  • 180cm high-speed USB braid cable
  • 7 colors backlit
  • Durable smooth REFLON feer pads
  • Cable Length:180cm
  • Dimesion:127.1x74x39mm.


  • Wide rubberized backlit scroll wheel of 8 mm width
  • Specially invented teflon formula ensures excellent gliding. Thanks to enlarged feet surface, balanced feet height and optimal place the mouse moves strictly horizontally
  • 2 customizable thumb buttons allow to adjust mouse for its user’s needs. Textured surface of the upper button decreases the risk of accidential «blind» hit
  • The chosen level of cursor speed is indicated by the color of the scroll wheel
  • Cursor speed can be adjusted on any mouse keys. 4 DPI levels are supported and each level can be customized accurately to your needs
  • Button durability: 5million clicks.

4 reviews for Redragon Gainer M610 Wired USB Gaming Mouse (Black)

  1. chirag9045

    very good in functionality.

  2. user9944

    rgb is uniform and the mouse looks good and performs well. Don’t forget to download the software from the redragon site to suit it according to your preference.

  3. praven7843

    This mouse has been good and smooth so far, with no lags, good auto standby mechanism and functionality.

  4. user84545

    ABSOLUTELY godly mouse at this price point

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