Sony MDR-ZX110 On-Ear Stereo Headphones (White)


  • 30mm Dynamic Driver Unit
  • On-Ear Headband
  • Gold-plated L-shaped stereo mini plug.


Neodymium Dynamic Drivers

The Sony MDR ZX110 Stereo Headphones (White) feature big 30 mm neodymium dynamic driver speakers to deliver the audio of your favourite movies, music and videos in a highly realistic quality. The 12 Hz to 22 kHz frequency response range makes these MDR ZX110 Stereo Headphones ideal for different kinds of music genres as you can hear the high peaks, the mid notes as well as the deep bass in full clarity and crispness. The MDR ZX110 Stereo Headphones also come with a high-sensitivity diaphragm to let you enjoy your media files in high volume without any distortion in sound.

Enfolding Closed-Back Design

Enjoy an immersive audio experience whether it’s a movie, a song, a game or a video. The MDR ZX110 Stereo Headphones come with enfolding closed-back earphones that allow you to isolate the sound of your multimedia content and shut out all distracting noise. This unique enfolding closed-back design also reflects back every acoustic element in your music so that the rocking beats as well as the soothing melodies can come alive. You can travel with these MDR ZX110 Stereo Headphones to where you like due to their swivel folding structure that enables packing the earphones flat and keeping these in suitcases, handbags, backpacks etc.

Self-Adjusting Headband

The on-ear cushioned headphones also come with a self-adjusting headband so that you can optimize your comfort level as per your head size and stay tuned-in to music for hours in comfort. The gold-plated stereo mini plug L in shape of the MDR ZX110 Stereo Headphones makes a stable connection with your host devices and allows for an efficient signal transmission. With the 1.2 m lengthy cord, you can be flexible about your movements and keep your device in pocket to enjoy hands-free musical listening.



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